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Pedicularis crenulata

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Purple Lousewort or Meadow Lousewort or Scallop-leaf Lousewort Orobanchaceae:

Perennials, this species grows between 20 to 35cm tall, and is more or less covered with woolly hairs on newer growth. Basal leaves lacking, those on the stem 3-6cm long, linear to narrowly oblanceolate, crenately toothed or lobed with thickened white margins. Flowers about 2cm in length, purple to burgundy, the upper leaf broadly hooded, in spike-like racemes. Plants bloom in summer, typically June and July.

Native from California to Wyoming and Colorado where it is found near water ways. A rare mesic plant in much of its native range. Sow at 60-75ºF with germination in 7 to 21days.If no results, move to 24-39F or 6+ weeks.

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