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Lobelia siphilitica 'Mixed'

Great Blue Lobelia or Blue Cardinal Flower Campanulaceae: 

A mix of plants that have ether blue or white colored flowers on 24 to 36 inch (30 in = 76.2 cm) tall stems. Plants will grow well on damp to wet soils or in normal garden soils that do not become overly dry. Attractive plants, blooming in late summer. Plants form low growing rossets of leaves that give rise to showy upright spikes of flowers that bloom over many weeks. In the north, grow plants in full sun to light shade, in the south - grow plants in part to half day shade.

Zones 3-9

For best germination of Lobelia siphilitica seeds surface sow them and gently tamp them down so they have good contact with the soil mediam, and use 65 to 75F (75F = 23.9C), after two or three weeks if no germination move to 30 to 39F (39F = 3.9C) for four weeks, then back for 65 to 75F (75F = 23.9C). Keep plants moist during the growing season for best flowering.   The light colored seeds produce white flowering plants and the dark seeds produce blue flowering plants. 

200 seeds