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Eupatorium purpureum


[Eutrochium purpureum] Purple Joe-pye-weed or Sweet-scented joepyeweed Asteraceae:

Plants grow 4 to 6 feet tall and have good sized heads of purplish-rose colored flowers that are attractive to butterflies. The lance-shaped leaves are whorled along the erect stems and large, dome shaped flower heads end the stems, blooming in late summer and fall. Grow in full sun in moisture retentive soils or part shade. Plants will bloom the second year. Clump forming species that can be dug with some work, and divided in spring. Plants can self-sow on open ground with moist soils. Large plants for the back of borders and used along edges of woods and ponds.

Zones 3-8

Native to eastern and central USA and Canada, were it is found in moist, fertile, humus-rich soils which do not dry out. Start seeds with 4 weeks at 67F, if no germination, move for 2-4 weeks to 26 to 39F, then move back to 67F. Surface sow seeds, light needed for best results.

100+ seeds