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Primula pulverulenta


'Powdered Primrose' or 'Purple Candelabra Primrose' (PRIM-yew-luh: pul-ver-oo-LEN-tuh) Primulaceae:

Plants flower from 15 to 28 inches tall with flowers rose-purple, with a red or purple eye. The flowers are arranged in whorls clustered at the tops of the stems. Blooming time is early summer. Best in moist, semi-shady locations. One of the easer Primulas to grow. Grow in rich, moist soils in part shade.

Zones (3)5-9

Native from China were it is found growing in wet meadows. Sow seeds in a small plastic bag with some moist seed mix and seal up and leave at room temp for three weeks, move to the fridge for four or five weeks. Sow and keep at F 55 for germination. Use 3 warm (65-80F) 5 weeks cold (30-39F) and 55-65F for germination.

50 seeds