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Allium karataviense

Two or three broadly wide, tongue shaped leaves are a grey-green color. They have a glaucous waxy coating that slows water loss through the leaves. In the spring leaves emerge from the ground in a whorl and fold out flat over the surface of the ground. The flower umbels grow up to 12 inches tall with over 40 small flowers. The flowers are star-shaped in a soft white to a pale pink color. Use in well draining soils in full sun, water when dry. Plants grow into collections of 10 or more plants over time. Goes dormant in midsummer.

Zones 4-8

Native to central Asia. Sow at 66-78 F for 4 weeks onto moist medium, move to the fridge 30-39 F for 6 weeks, then move to 50-65 F for germination. Seeds should be sown as soon as you receive them. Seeds are stored moist and cool, do not allow to be come overly dry before sowing.

30 seeds