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Campanula punctata


Spotted Bellflower (kam-PAN-yoo-luh: punk-TAH-tah) Campanulaceae:

This species has arching stems that grow 1 to 2.5 feet tall which have nodding, tube shaped flowers. The flowers are lilac, or sometimes white or pink, which are produced in early summer. The flowers of Campanula punctata are spotted inside with dark red or purple. The stems rise up from basal rosettes of rounded, toothed, medium green, 5 inch long leaves, the stem leaves are greatly reduced in size and the flowering stems make a nice cut flower. Blooms for along time threw early summer, when done blooming cur back to produce nice low clumps of foliage and maybe some re-blooming. Can be aggressive in its spreading, both by creeping rhizomes and by self-seeding under optimum growing conditions. Grow in a location that has full sun to part shade, with soils that drain well. In locations with hot summers the plants grow best in open shade, they dislike hot muggy summers where night temperatures do not drop below 72F.

Zones 4-9

Surface sow seeds at 70F, if no germination in 4 weeks, move to 25 to 39F for 3 weeks, Germination is spread out over a number of weeks. Its very helpful to cover with plastic or glass to keep the humidity up and the medium from drying out during germination.

100 seeds