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Nepeta cataria


This is a hideous smelling weed that drives cats wild. The plants have off-white colored flowers with pink-violet spots. It self seeds freely and on open soils and can be weedy. Your cats will love this stinker; the pungent foliage scent is unpleasant at best. I do not know about its use in the garden - all other Nepeta have some attractive feature to them, but this one is only good for the cats. The lemon scented type is real nice, cats also like it also, but maybe not as much as the normal scented form. Best used in a location were you can allow it to self seed and not fear that it will take over and smother out any thing else you want. Plants grow 3 to 4 feet tall, forming a bushy clump that blooms in mid summer. Naturalized over much of the US in grassy to disturbed areas, it can even be found in open woodlands. Drought tolerant.

Zones 3-9

Cover seeds with soil medium, darkness needed for best germination. Use 70F, 10-20 days. If no germination, move to the fridge(27 to 39F) for 6 weeks.

200 seeds