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Nigella hispanica 'Curiosity'


Love in a Mist or Fennel Flower Ranunculaceae:

Plants grow 2.5 feet (2.5 ft = 76.2 cm) tall and have dark green colored leaves with a ferny texture. This selection blooms most of the summer with large 2.5 inch (2.5 in = 6.35 cm) wide, deep blue colored, slightly scented flowers that have purple tinted staymens. Plants have deep purple spider-like seed pods. Regular dead-heading will produce more flowers and extend the blooming period late into the year. Grow in full sun, useful as cutting material and as a dried flower subject.

This species is native from Spain and Northern Africa. Annual. Often becomes self sowing. Sow outdoors, were plants are to grow. Germination in less than two weeks at 68F (68 °F = 20 C), Lightly cover seeds.

100 seeds