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Salvia azurea


[Salvia pitcheri] (SAL-vee-uh: a-ZOOR-ee-uh) Lamiaceae

Plants grow 3 to 5 feet tall but for best shape should be cut in half in early summer. Plants have medium green colored, thin foliage with a silvery cast and the flowers are produced in "spikes" on the top 1/5 of the stems. Bloom July to October with attractive azure sky blue colored flowers on somewhat lax growing stems. A showy and attractive species with a deep root system, once established should be left in place as the roots can go down over 6 feet deep into the soil. Blooms July - October. Will flower the first year if started in early spring, and blooms from August in to late fall, even after some frost. Can be lanky, but cutting back in early summer will produce bushier and more upright plants that blooming more heavily. Long flowering period and a nice rich blue color combined with drought tolerance makes Salvia azurea an ideal choice for a wild flower garden or used on a bank or side of a hill.

Zones (4) 5-9

Native to central USA were it is found growing on dry, rocky or sandy prairies. Use 4 weeks at 65-75F. Surface sow seeds, light needed for best results, if no Germination. Use 4 weeks at 30-39F, then 65-75F

50 seeds