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Pardancanda x norrisii


{Kiba Giants} Candy Lily or Blackberry Lily (par-dan-KAN-duh: nor-RISS-ee-eye) Iridaceae:

 Pardancanda x norrisii plants grow twice as tall, 25 to 60 inches, as the other selection offered and come in the same wide mix of flower colors. The flowers resemble those of Belamcanda because a cross beteen (Belamcanda chinensis x Pardanthopsis dichotoma).  The foliage is iris-like.  The tiger-striped flowering plants are real interesting. Started early plants will bloom the first year.  The shiny black seeds are large and easy to sow, if sowing outside mice sometimes grab them for lunch. Plants grow fast for an Iris relative. Best used as a mass planting or as an oddity here and there. In late summer the three parted seed capsules split open to reveal clusters of black seeds.  The taller plants may tend to have floppy tops if the soils are mosit and rich in nitrogen.    Best in full sun in sandy soils that are moist but drained, drought tolerant and in colder areas benefits from a covering of mulch for the winter.  Plants can be divieded up in spring.  Long lived plants with some self seeding. One plant can grow into a 2 foot wide clump after a number of years.

Zones (4) 5-9

Cover seeds. Germination starting in less than four weeks at 70 to 75F, with germination spread-out over a few months.

25 seeds