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Lilium formosanum

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Formosa Lily (LIL-ee-um: for-MOH-sa-num) Liliaceae:

Long, white trumpets in late summer, that look like an Easter lily. Lilium formosanum has maroon shading on the outer sides of the trumpets. Will bloom the first year with an early sowing. Lilium formosanum grows up to 7 feet tall. The flowers are scented and produced on long stems which may need staking. The stems have long, thin grassy leaves. Generally easy to grow, doing best in full sun in well draining soils that hold some moisture in the summer, but the soils need to be dry in the winter.

Zones 7-9. 5 and 6 maybe, if planted deeply.

Soak seeds in warm water for 24 hours. Sow by covering the seeds thinly with soil medium mixed with some sharp sand or grit and keep at 65-74F. Germination is spread-out over many months.

40 seeds