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Echinacea tennesseensis 'Rocky Top Hybrids'


Developed by crossing E. tennesseensis and E. purpurea, the plants look like E. tennesseensis but are a little more robust growing. The purplish-pink colored flower petals are bent upwards and wrap around dark black colored center cones. The foliage is long and thin and the stems grow 2.5 feet tall. Here is a plant that is different than the other Purple Cone flower offered. Will bloom the second year, first year plants grow only a few leaves and put most of their growth into the rootstock. Should have good drainage, especially in the fall and winter.

Zones (4)5-9

Use 8 weeks at 39, move to 50 for germination. Wet the glassine packet that the seeds come in so its damp, soak in a cup of water for 5 min and drain off any extra water that has collected in the envelope and put in a plastic ziplock bag and keep in the fridge. After 8 weeks sow and lightly cover seeds. Germination starts in 5 to 12 days and can be spread-out over a few weeks.

30 seeds