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Saxifraga x arendsii 'Purple Robe'


Arend's Saxifrage or Moss Saxifrage Saxifragaceae:

Mat forming foliage with succulent leaves. The 5 to 8 inch tall flowering stems end in reddish-purple flowers. Low fertility soils required, best in sand based soils that are well drained. Grow in full sun or part shade. Will not thrive under hot, dry conditions.

Zones 4-7

Surface sow the very small seeds on top of a already moist seed medium (mixed with some clean sand is helpful) and keep at 50-65F with some germination in a few weeks. For best seed germination: Sow in the fall and keep pots outside over winter for spring germination, needs a few months of cool, moist conditions. The seedlings start off life growing very slowly, so care should be taken to not allow them to dry out.

300+ seeds