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Hypericum androsaemum


Tutsan (hy-PER-ee-kum: an-dro-SEE-mum) Hypericaceae:

Hypericum androsaemum is a deciduous shrub growing to 1 m (3ft) tall by 1 m (3ft) wide. It has yellow flowers that are produced from late spring into mid summer. Reddish berries that turn black. This species is used as a low hedge and as an edger. Mass plantings are effective and can also be used at margins of woods, on slopes and naturalized in wild gardens. The stems with ripe fruit are attractive and useful for cut flower arrangements. Plants can self-seed but under most conditions not overly aggressively.

Zones (5)6-9

Native to western and southern Europe, including Britain, south and east to Algeria, W. Asia and the Caucasus. Introduced into other areas. Can not ship to Australia and New Zealand. Hypericum androsaemum seed usually germinates in 1 to 3 months at 60F.

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