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Baptisia sphaerocarpa

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Baptisia sphaerocarpa'. Please check back later.

Large Yellow Wild Indigo (bap-TIS-ee-uh: sfay-ro-KAR-puh)

This is a very showy spring blooming species with solid yellow colored flowers. The flowers are produced along the length of the 2 to 3 foot tall stems.

Zones 5-9

Soak seed in warm water for 2 days -change the water every 12 hours, Germination starts in less than two weeks at 68F and can be spread out over a few weeks. Baptisia seedlings are some what resentful of broken roots, so plant out when the new plants are young, or start them in pots (If left in the pots to long, the large main taproot will grow out the bottom of the pots).

50 seeds