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Alyssum serpyllifolium

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Alpine Alyssum (al-ISS-um: ser-pil-ly-FOH-lee-um) Brassicaceae:

Bright golden yellow flowers and small silver blue leaves on thin stems. This alpine species grows about 3 inches tall and is best grown in full sun to part shade in a soil that drains well but does not become overly dry for extended periods, avoid excessive winter moisture. Alyssum serpyllifolium slowly grows into a dense semi-evergreen low shrubby mound. Nice rock or trough garden subject. The seeds are medium sized and the seedlings have a good growth rate and can be transplanted out after a 5 weeks of growth. Some flowering the first year.

Zones (4)5-9

Native to southwest Europe and North Africa.

Surface sow the seeds of Alyssum serpyllifolium and gently press down into soil medium so there is good contact between the seeds and the soil surface, Light needed for best germination so do not cover the seeds. Use F. 70-75, germination in 5-20 days.

50 seeds