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Primula burmanica

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Primula burmanica'. Please check back later.

(PRIM-yew-luh: bur-MAN-ih-kuh) Primulaceae:

The leaves of this rather large primrose are oblanceolate, and tapered into a winged stalk. The leaves are 25cm or more long by 5-8cm wide, the margin irregularly toothed. The 2cm wide flowers are reddish-purple and have yellow eye; they are arranged in three to six whorls covering 12 to 18 in inches of the 30 to 36 inch tall stems. Requires consistently moist soil, and should not dry out between watering. Best in high moisture areas in bright open shade to broken sun; suitable for bogs and water gardens.

Zones 5-8

Native to China (Yunnan) and Burma, where it is found growing in wet meadows and damp forests.

50 seeds