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Petunia multiflora 'Merlin Morn Mix'

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Petunia multiflora 'Merlin Morn Mix''. Please check back later.

Petunia multiflora F1 hybrids is an annual strain that has uniform plants that are dwarf and compact in habit. The flowers are about 6.5 cm./2.5 inches in diameter produced on plants that grow 10 inches tall, they have better rain resistance and weather tolerance than many other grandiflora petunia's, and the plants recover quickly, after rains. These plants have an attractive and unique mix of flower colors, with the new flowers continuously produced over spent ones, giving the plants a fresh look threw out the growing season. The Merlin series is free flowering and in the garden the plants retain their compact habit. Easy to grow, quick to germinate and flower and uniform habit across the colors.


50 seed pellets