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Allium senescens 'Tanguticum'


A great 'perennial' ornamental onion with medium purple blue flowers in good sized umbels on 20 inch stems. The foliage has a nice twist to it and plants work well in the perennial border or the rock garden, easy to grow and long lived. Flowers are great for cutting. Plants bloom in early to mid summer over a 3-4 week period. Does well in most soils. This Allium stays attractive all growing season; the foliage is still lush in late summer. Many plants in this genus go summer dormant at flowering or just before, but not this species. Mixes well with Coreopsis and Sedum'. Plants will grow into nice clumps that can be divided every few years, they will also self sow a little if the ground is open but not in a weedy way. Clump forming plants with iris-like rhizomes (a rhizomatous onion).

Zones 4-8

300 seeds