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Acaena inermis 'Purpurea'

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Purple Sheep's Burr

Acaena inermis 'Purpurea' is a low growing plant with very decorative purple-colored foliage. The fern-like purple foliage gives rise to thorn-less stems with small flowers in mid-summer. An attractive choice for planting into crevices and around paving stones or wall plantings. Grows 3 to 5 inches tall and 1 to 3 feet wide, spreading slowly to form mats, making a nice ground cover. Grow Acaena inermis 'Purpurea' in full sun on sandy soils that drain quickly. 

Zones 6-9

Sow seeds and use 65F for 25 days, then move to 25-39F for 45 days. After a move to 50-60F: germination will be spread out over many months. A slow germinator, some seeds will germination next spring.

50 seeds