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Aconitum hemsleyanum 'Red Wine'

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[Aconitum volubile] Climbing Monkshood (a-KON-eye-tum: hems-lee-AH-num) Ranunculaceae: 

A sprawling, twinning species with attractive foliage that grows best on a woody shrub. The thin stems grow 6 to 10 feet long, and branch to produce many, mostly upright inflorescences along their length. The green leaves are deeply cut with 3 to 5 lobes. Blooms in late summer and autumn with steel blue to violet colored flowers, with darker veining. Grow in part shade or full sun in soils that are well draining but have consistent moisture during the growing season. Situate the plants under a large shrub or a many branched small tree growing in full sun. Wet soils are fatal in the fall and winter. After a few years of growth the small biannual tuber-like rootstocks can be dug and separated in spring to produce more plants. The species was named after the keeper of the herbarium at Kew. In China there are many varieties described. Aconitum hemsleyanum 'Red Wine' has wine red colored flowers and dark green foliage. 

Zones 5-9

Native to China, Korea, Mongolia. 

40 seeds