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Asclepias incarnata


Swamp Milkweed

Nice form with dark to light pink lavender flowers with a few white plants mixed in too. Fragrant flowers loved by butterflies. Easy to grow from seed and long lived plants for the border garden or pond planting. Loved by butterflies and long blooming in midsummer. Plants grow 3 to 4 feet tall and do best in full sun but they grow and flower well in a good amount of shade too. Moisture loving species that grows in damp to wet soils but growing nicely in average garden soil also. Plants grow 4 feet tall and in cultivation will have as many as 12 stems with the tops covered with umbels of flowers. Should produce a good number of nice dark flowering plants too. Use around ponds, lakes, and low ground or in the garden. Do not let the Monarch Butterflies have their way with this plant-they love it and will lay their eggs on it and the caterpillars will eat away all the leaves. Attractive in the garden, give the plants some light shade during the hottest part of the day and they will grow in dry soils as long as the soils are deep and they can spread out their root system. In the spring one should be careful to not remove the plants during spring planting, since the emergence of new shoots is late and occurs after most all other plants have come out of the ground.

Zones 3-8

50 seeds