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Alstroemeria ligtu 'Dr. Salter's Hybrids'


Peruvian Lily (Ahl-srurm-E-ree-a: lig-too)

Plants grow around 36 inches tall. This seed will give a mix of colors including apricot, melon to salmon-pink, cerise and many different reds from light too deep. Great cut flowers. Plants will become dense and spreading when established in the landscape, they can also be grown as a pot plant in a cool green house or sunroom in colder climates. 'Peruvian Lily' will do best in a sunny exposure in cooler locations or part shade were it is hot. They should be given deep, humus rich, moisture retentive soils that are well draining. When the plants go dormant they can be stored over winter in peat moss or vermiculite. When stored the area should be very cool, near freezing to 39F. Do not permit the bulbs to dry out over winter but do not store them damp, check the bulbs occasionally and mist them with water if they start to dry. Mature plants can be divided but it is a task involving some labor, the bulbs should be planted shallowly and mulched with a layer of organics but the top area were the bulb top is, should not be covered.

Zones 7-10. Seed germination in 2-30 weeks at F 55. Soak seed in warm water for 3 days, changing the water once a day with fresh warm water.

50 seeds