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Anchusa officinalis

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Anchusa officinalis'. Please check back later.
 'Alkanet' or 'Common Bugloss' Boraginaceae:

Anchusa officinalis is a fast-growing annual with fuzzy-hairs covering the entire plant.  Bright blue flowers in spring. Plants grow 12 to 24 inches (24 in = 61 cm) tall and will bloom the second year. Perennials with deep tap root and many stems. The inflorescence shows classic scorpion shaped blooming pattern. This species is an excellent nectar plant, and its flowers are always swarming with bees.  In the past it was grown for its medicinal properties. The seeds are spread by ants.  Flowers from June through August.


Native to the  steppes of South-eastern Europe.  Anchusa officinalis has naturalized in much of North America where it can be found on disturbed soil along roadsides, fields, dumps, and other areas with disturbed soil. Can not be shipped to Washington or Oregon.

50 seeds