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Angelica pachycarpa

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(an-JEL-ih-kah: pak-ee-KAR-pah)

[Angelica hispanica] but a taller growing form.

Plants grow around 3 feet tall and have shiny thick, leathery foliage.  The stems are hollow and grooved and the compound basal leaves are 2-3 pinnate.

An attractive plant with small white colored flowers in umbels. A worthwhile and unique, bushy, foliage plant. Blooms mid summer, producing a 4 to 5 foot tall stem. Angelica pachycarpa is a perennial. This ornamental short-lived perennial has jade green, glossy leaves and large umbels of white flowers  makeing it a distinctive display in the garden. Transplant out the seedilngs when they ares still on the small side into an area in full sun to part shade with good soil that is well draining but moisture retivie. Tolerant of dry sites and some salt-spray. Self seeds. 

Zones 4-8

Endemic to North western Spain and western Portugal (Berlanga. island) where it is found in open forests, grasslands and along streams.  Some online websites list it as native to New Zealand, this is incorrect but it has escaped cultivation there and been naturalized.
20 seeds