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Alyssum repens

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Alyssum repens'. Please check back later.

Alyssum repens has a trailing habit with ascending and upright flowering stems. It grows 8 inches tall but can be upto two feet tall, growing from a woody base; the leaves are greenish, oblong-obovate to lanceo- late in shape. The large orange-yellow flowers are produced in long racemes. The plants bloom from May into July. Like most alyssum, it likes mineral based soils and full sun, but is more tolerant of garden soils and some shade than other species. It is sometimes confused with A. montanum, which does not have the strigose, spreading hairs on the pedicels that A. repens has.

Native from Southeastern and east-central Europe, extending into Turkey and Caucasia.

50 seeds