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Asclepias sullivantii


Sullivant's Milkweed or Smooth Milkweed or Prairie Milkweed Apocynaceae:

This species has purple-pink to soft pink or milky white colored flowers, plants grow 24 to 40 inches tall with leaves that have a dark purple to pinkish colored mid-veins (some forms have green veins). Attractive, but rough, upright plants with good sized umbels of flowers that are loved by butterflies. The opposite leaves are some what cup shaped and upward growing around the stems. Plants grow in rich moist prairies from Southern Ontario and the Midwestern United States and bloom from July into September. This species can hybridize with A. syriaca. Can be weedy, so best in a prairie, large butterfly garden, or wild flower planting.

Zones 3-8

30 seeds