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Anthemis sancti-johannis


(an-THEM-is: san-tee-YO-han-is)

The species name refers to when Anthemis sancti-johannis blooms, in mid-summer, St John's day is June 24th. A nice soft, but luminous orange flowering plant for the sunny garden; growing well in sandy to rocky, well drained soils. This clump forming plant is not as robust growing as 'Kelwayi' but has great ferny foliage with silver highlights. Does not self sow as much as 'Kelwayi' ether. Plants grow 12-24 in tall and 15 to 24 in wide, forming a thick clump with flowers held above the mound of foliage, long blooming daisy type flowers, summer blooming perennials that are attractive even when not in bloom in early spring with there silver white foliage. Plants often flower the same year sown. Easy, but does not like wet soils, and does very well in sandy or rocky locations but avoid overly rich soils. Plant in full sun to morning shade. Do not give too much Nitrogen, which weakens the plants and makes them short lived. Anthemis sancti-johannis may have some flowers the first year if sown early, but most plants will flower heavily the second year.

Zones 4-9

Native to Bulgaria. Surface sow seeds and use 70F, germination in 5-18 days.

200 seeds