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Bergenia cordifolia 'New Hybrids'

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Bergenia cordifolia 'New Hybrids''. Please check back later.

Bergenia or Pigssqueak (ber-GEN-i-a: kor-di-FO-lee-a) Saxifragaceae:

Strong growing plants in a wide mix of flower colors and leaf types. Use in part shade, but will take full sun in the north. Blooms in early spring. The bright colored flowers come in mix of rose, pink and red with lilac, purple and white. Large glossy leaves take on a reddish to purplish-red color in the fall and winter.

Zones 2-8

Surface sow the small seeds and keep at 75-80ºF, light helps with germination, which normal occurs in 7 to 45 days. 
Seedlings start off small so care should be taken when watering. 

100 seeds