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Boltonia decurrens

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[Boltonia asteroides var. decurrens] 'Decurrent False Aster' or 'Claspingleaf Doll's Daisy' or 'Winged False Aster Asteraceae:

Plants grow 5 to 7 feet tall, they have many 1 inch wide, white to purplish tinted, daisy-like flowers with yellow centers. The plants have prominent decurrent foliage that is a blueish color. The stems are round and strong ending in many branches. This species blooms in late summer. Grow in an area with full sun and moisture retentive soils. Great plants for it tall upright habit and showy fall flower display. It spreads to form dense clumps that are very showy, it makes an ideal cut flower also. Those pictured receive 4 hours of direct sun and are shaded by oak trees the rest of the day, and are growing in drier soil.

Zones 4-8

This species is a native to a limited area in central North America and currently limited to Illinois and Missouri; were it is endangered because of habitat lose and alteration. In the wild it grows in open muddy bottom-lands, it is dependent upon flooding with silt deposition to maintain suitable habitat for propagation. Easy to grow, doing well even in dryer soils and a open shady location. Best plants it sun and on moisture retentive soils.

300 seeds