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Campanula pyramidalis 'Mixed'

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Campanula pyramidalis 'Mixed''. Please check back later.

Chimney Bellflower

Tall plants with many large attractive flowers in different shades of blue and white. The pyramidal panicles of star like flowers are produced from July to September. The stems are sturdy and upright, excellent for cutting. Leaves are heart-shaped and mostly basal. Grows 4-6 feet tall and under windy conditions should be staked. Use in full sun to part shade. Campanula pyramidalis is very nice in the back of the border or at the corner of a fencerow or in a large mixed container planting. Biennials for the most part. The white seeds will give you the white plants.

Zones 3-8

Surface sow on moist seed medium. Germination in 1-3 weeks at F65. It is helpful to use lighted days(but keep out of very bright light) and dark nights.If no germination in 4 weeks, move to fridge for 3 weeks.

300 seeds