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Campanula rotundifolia


Harebell or Lady's Thimble or Heath-bells or Witches' Bells or Round-leaved Bellflower Campanulaceae:

Perennial plants with slender rootstocks, hairless or nearly so. Plants grow about 6 inches (6 in = 15.2 cm) tall or some time taller and produce many nodding, bell shaped medium blue colored flowers over a very long blooming period from late spring into fall. Will start to flower in only a few months from sowing.

Zones 3-8

Campanula rotundifolia is found on moist rocks and in meadows from Labrador to Alaska, south to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Nebraska, in the Rocky Mountains to Arizona and in the Sierra Nevada to California. Also in Europe and Asia. Consists of many races, differing in pubescence, number and size of flowers.

Surface sow the seeds on premoisted seed medium and cover tray with glass or plastic. Germination in 1-8 weeks at F65-75. It is helpful to use lighted days (but keep out of hot direct sunlight) and dark nights.

200 seeds