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Cacalia suaveolens

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[Hasteola suaveolens] Sweet-scented Indian-plantain or Hastate Indian-plantain

Cacalia suaveolens is a perennial herb growing from a thickened base and fleshy roots. Mostly hairless with upright stems and leafy over most of the length. Plants mostly with a single stem which is often grooved. Growing 3 to 7 feet tall. The lower and middle stem leaves are triangular-hastate in shape and have noticeable petioles, while the upper leaves are winged and have progressively shorter petioles. The upper leaves are also less hastate (triangular in shape like a spearhead, with a sharp point and flaring bases). Foliage has toothed edges (double serrate). The off-white flowers are clustered together into many heads, forming a flat topped inflorescence, the creamy white to pinkish flowers are grouped into 20-40 flowers per head, and the heads are arranged into flat-topped clusters. Cacalia suaveolens flowers late July through late September. Plants need two or more years of growth before they are large enough to flower. Somewhat rhizomatous over time. The species name suaveolens means "sweetly-smelling". Grow in part sun in moist soils for best display.

Zones 4-8

Native to central and eastern North America, where it naturally grows in moist ground or along stream and river banks. This species is becoming rare because of a loss of suitable habitat.

200 seeds