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Campanula kolenatiana



A perennial species, though some sources claim it is monocarpic (all out plants have bloomed for a few years), with many stems per plant and each stems is covered with many flowers. A tall species that grows 3 to 4 feet in height with coarsely hairy foliage. The plants have big Leaves chiefly radical ovate, with long winged petioles. The flowers are in long stalked racemes and are broadly campanulate. The funnel shaped flowers are bluish violet, and about 1 in long, with hairy insides. The first year plant produce a dense clump of leaves and the next year bloom in early summer. Long blooming, startimng in late spring/early summer and some reblooming in late summer. Like some shade in the afternoon or a soil that does not overly dry out.

Zones 4-8?

Native to the Caucasus: Azerbaijan; Georgia; Russian Federation - Dagestan.

Sow the seeds and keep at 65 to 74F for 6 weeks. If no germination move to an area from 24 to 39F for 6 weeks, then move to F65 for germination. Or sow in a pot and put in a plastic bag in a sheltered location outside for germination next spring. The seeds are large enough for easy sowing and seedlings grow fast once established.

300 seeds