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Cassia marilandica

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Wild Senna Plants grow four feet tall and have a shrubby appearance with elongated clusters of bright yellow flowers. Drought tolerant. This species is a native member of the pea family found from Eastern and North Central North America. The compound foliage gives the Cassia genus a feathery appearance from a distance. This member of the pea family fixes nitrogen from the air improving soil fertility for those plants that grow around it. In July and August the plants send up racemes of bright yellow flowers that look some what like small pea flowers. The compound foliage turns golden-yellow in the fall. Plants grow best in moister retentive, sandy loam soils, but are drought tolerant once established. They form deep taproots and are best left in place once established. Mixes nicly with Baptisia and Thermopsis. Full sun or light shade. Takes two or three years to bloom from seed.

Zones 3-10

Soak seeds in warm water for 24 hours, lightly cover seeds, germination is spread out over a few weeks and some my take up to a year.

50 seeds