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Caltha palustris

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Marsh Marigold or Kingcup or May-Blob or Meadow Bright Ranunculaceae:

The normal yellow flowering form, Plants grow 12 inches tall and should be used in moist soils. Will even do well in wet soil or those that are submerged underwater in spring and after heavy rain falls. Use in full sun in soils that do not become dry. In the summer the plants will go dormant if exposed to dry conditions and return again next spring. Native around the world from the Northern Hemisphere. Mix together with Iris pseudacorus, Lobelia cardinalis, and Lysimachia punctata and cat-tails plus other water margin plants. Leaves are poisonous.

 Zones 3-8

Sow at 72F in muddy compost for 28 days move to 23F for 40 days, after which temperature should be raised gradually. Or sow in the fall in a muddy slurry, keep temps above 60F for more than three weeks then allow to freeze-keep soil on the wet side as it freezes. Germination should occur in early spring. Not easy to raise from seed but well worth the try.

 50 seeds