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Cassia hebecarpa

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[Senna hebecarpa] Wild Senna or American Senna or Northern Senna (KASS-ee-ah: he-be-KAR-pa) Fabaceae:

Large plants with pea-like yellow flowers. Summer blooming with the flowers produced in the top 1/3 of the 4 to 7 foot tall plants. Long lived and very drought tolerant once established. A large, coarse plant with 5 to 10 pairs of oval leaflets and large clusters of loosely arranged flower clusters arising from the leaf axils. Grow in full sun to part shade, rich soils produce leggy plants that may need staking. Grows well in heavy soils.

Zones (3)4-9

Native to eastern Untied States and Canada, were found on moist alluvial soils.

200 seeds