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Campanula glomerata var acaulis

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Campanula glomerata var acaulis'. Please check back later.

'Clustered Bellflower' (glo-me-RAH-ta)

Name means clustered in reference to the flowers, which are produced in dense clusters and ther ends of the stems. This is a shorter growing strain that reaches a height of 6 to 12 inches in height. Use in full sun and part shade. Easy to grow plants flower for a long time in summer and with some dead heading will flower till frost. Clump forming plants can be divided in spring or after flowering. I am told this will produce dark blue colored flowers. To get a variety of flower colors in the shorter size that C. glomerata acaulis comes in, grow them next to C. glomerata 'alba' and save seed. Plants flower the same year sown if started in early spring. Does well in any typical garden soil that is not wet. When happy, will self seed but for me has never been a problem.

Zones 3-8. Surface sow on moist seed medium and cover tray with glass or plastic. Germination in 1-3 weeks at F65. It is helpful to use lighted days (but keep out of very bright light) and dark nights.

300 seeds.