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Campanula lactiflora 'New Hybrids'


Milky Bellflower Campanulaceae:

This seed will produce a mix of plants in different flower colors ranging from blue-purple to white and pink. The blooms cover 20 to 60 inch tall stems. Really nice in full sun to light shade in well draining soils. Large number of flowers produced in heavy clusters on branched stems. Might need staking under windy conditions or allow to sprawl out over other plants. Summer blooming, June to August. Long lived plants that are spectacular in bloom, they do best in composted rich soil were they can grow to be 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. They begin blooming in midsummer and may flower until late Summer. Heavy bloomers that put on a spectacular display in summer, great as cut flowers also.

Zones (4)5-8

This species is native to Western Asia. Sow at 70F, germination starts in one to three weeks. keep soil medium moist during germination so the seedling do not dry out. If seeds have not germinated well after four weeks, move to the refrigerator (32-39F)for three weeks then back 70 F.

100 seeds