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Campanula poscharskyana


Serbian Bellflower (kam-PAN-yoo-luh: po-shar-skee-AH-nuh) Campanulaceae:

This species produces semi-prostate 6 inch tall clumps of lavender-blue, open faced, star shaped flowers, making a showy display on rock walls or sandy banks. Drought tolerant with long trailing stems that are upto 24 inches long. Puts on the best floral display in light shade. Forms thick spreading clumps with spreading runners. Campanula poscharskyana Best on well-drained lime soils. An attractive species and well worth growing. Plants will flower in 16 to 22 weeks from sowing and this species does respond to forcing. Evergreen ground cover, rock wall or pot plants.

Zones 4-8

Native to the northern Balkans

Surface sow seeds and keep at 45 F for five weeks, germination is erratic over a prolonged period. High soil temps can delay germination. It may help to subject seeds to a cold moist period, in a fridge for three weeks.

100 seeds