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Centaurea dealbata

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Persian Cornflower kent-OW-ree-a: dee-al-BAH-ta)

The species name alludes to the silver-white undersides of the leaves. Attractive deeply cut foliage and 2 inch wide, rose-pink colored flowers with softer colored tips. The flowers are shaped like sunflowers and have lacy fringed edges and fluffy centers. Plants grow 15 to 20 inches tall and about the same in width. Nice plant for a sunny location, growing well even in a dry area. Long lived plants that bloom late spring and early summer. Useful as an edging and the flowers can be used for cutting material too. Some rebloom often in the fall. Can self seed and plants grow into nice clumps that can be divided every few years. Full sun to some shade in well draining soils. Easy to grow under most garden conditions, does well in chalky soils too.

Zones 3-9

Native to the Caucasus. Germination in less than two weeks at 68 to 78F, Cover seeds 1/5 inch deep. Darkness helps with germination.

50 seeds