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Centaurea montana


Mountain Bluet or Perennial Cornflower

Grows one foot tall and has very attractive 2 inch wide blue-violet flowers that have darker reddish - violet centers. Very showy flower display in late spring. Best growth in the north were it can form nice sized clumps by way of spreading underground stems, in the south plants are less robust growing and should be divided every three years to rejuvenate them. Generally an easy and adaptable garden plant with electric blue, pin-wheel shaped flowers for a few weeks, if dead headed some re-blooming can occur. Full sun to open shade. Plants do self seed some and new plants can pop up here and there.

Zones 3-9

Sow at 70F, cover completely - darkness is helpful. Germination is spread out over a month or two. Might be helpful to soak the seeds in warm water for 30 hours before sowing. The seeds should start to germinate in 3 to 4 weeks at 65 to 70 degrees and can be sown directly into the garden. Plants might also self sow to some degree. Use in full sun to part shade. Cut back after flowering for a second flush of growth and flowering later in the year. Native from higher elevations in Europe.

50 seeds