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Campanula garganica


Adriatic Bellflower (kam-PAHN-ew-la: gar-GAH-ni-ka) Campanulaceae:

Named after Mount Gargano in Italy. The species is native from Italy and western Greece. Light blue, star shaped flowers, produced on stems that are 4 to 8 inches long. The stems are trailing and plants form a carpet 4 inches or so tall and 18 inches wide. Campanula garganica is an easily grown plants for rock walls or in the cracks of the stone path. Best in full sun but will also perform well in part shade. Flowering from early summer into late summer.

Zones 3-8

For best Gargano harebell germination, sow the seeds on the surface of a premoistened soil medium and keep at room temp for 6 weeks, requires light for germination. Then move to between 24 and 39F for 6 weeks, then to F65 for germination. Or in the fall or winter, sow in a pot and put in a plastic bag in a sheltered location outside away from direct afternoon sunlight for germination in spring. Some germination in 3 to 8 weeks if sown and kept at 60 to 65F.

100 seeds