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Calluna vulgaris

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'Heather' (kal-LOO-nuh: vul-GAIR-iss) Ericaceae:

Plants form spreading clumps with erect stems. Rosy-pink colored flowers in long clusters that smother the stems of this acid soil loving species. Plants grow around 12 inches tall with a semi shrubby habit. The flowers have 5 small basal bracts, and 5 pink to purple, sometimes white sepals that almost cover-up the petals. The leaves are very small, evergreen and needlelike; they are arranged in 4 rows along the stem.Makes a nice pot plant for the Holidays. Blooms in late summer through the fall - July to November. Grow in rich peaty sand.

Zones 4-9

 Very fine seeds, Surface sow seeds at 70F, germination is irregular and spread out over many months. Dry soils will delay germination. Keep medium moist at all times and in bright light. Best results if the pot is kept in a plastic bag to maintain high humidity. Native from Europe and naturalized in some locations in North America.

200+ seeds