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Thymophylla tenuiloba 'Golden Fleece'


Dahlberg Daisy (ty-moe-FIL-lah:ten-yew-ih-LOW-bah) :

This species is a fragrant, bushy, much-branched annual with fine needle-like leaves that grows about 12 inches tall, it is covered with delicate, daisy-like yellow blossoms in summer. Use as ground-cover, between paving stones, or in a rock garden. Grow in full sun, plants are drought tolerant.


Native to south central Texas and northern Mexico. Surface sow seeds and thinly sprinkle some soil medium on top, use 65-70F with germination in about 2 weeks. Takes about 4 months from seed germination to blooming, so start in late winter inside or early spring outside.

100 seeds