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Digitalis ferruginea 'Gigantea'


[Digitalis ferruginea var gigantea]'Rusty Foxglove' (dij-i-TAH lis: fe-roo-GIN-ee-a)

A robust growing biennial or short lived perennial from south eastern Europe into Turkey and Lebanon and north to the Caucasus. Growing in open woods and in grassy clearings or on rocky slopes and road sides. Dark green leaves growing in rosettes are lance shaped. Flowers are golden brown, 1.5 inches long with red brown veins. Plants bloom in mid summer. Four feet tall and 18 inches wide with leafy bracts on the flowering spikes. For well drained -- dry soils in full sun or part shade. Some strains have reddish colored flowers. Makes an impressively distinct background planting. This selection of the species has yellow flowers on sturdy stems reaching a height of 4 to 5 feet.

Hardy in zones (4) 5-7

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