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Verbena tenuisecta 'Desert Jewels'

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Verbena tenuisecta 'Desert Jewels''. Please check back later.


A wide mix of bright colors that incude cherry, plum-red, purple, light pink, difrent blues and white. tye flowers are produced in clusters at the ends of the stems. The dark fern-like foliage is attractive and the 10 inch tall stems sprawl to produce a a clump about 15 inches wide and 4 to 8 inches tall. Use as a ground-cover, on slopes and banks and in containers and hanging baskets. These perennials are very often grown as annuals in full sun, once established very heat and drought tolerant.

Zones 8-10

Best results when the seeds are mixed with moist (NOT wet) seed mix in a plastic bag and place in the refrigerator for 30 days,then sow and use 70 F, germination starts in 10-18 days. Darkness needed for best germination.

50 seeds