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Delosperma sutherlandii

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Delosperma sutherlandii'. Please check back later.

Ice Plant or Hardy Iceplant (del-oh-SPUR-muh: suth-er-LAN-dee-eye) Aizoaceae:

Purple-pink flowers with large light-colored centers. Blooms in summer. Plants grow 4 to 6 inches tall and form large mats of thin rounded leaves. It needs to be dry in the winter. Full sun in well-drained soils that are not overly rich with nitrogen. Rock garden or sand bed plants in gravelly mulch. It can be grown inside in a brightly lighted sunroom.

Zones (6)-10 hardy to -10F.

 Native to grasslands in South Africa. Germination in less than two weeks at 65-75F. Surface sow seeds onto moist, not wet, seed mix and keep at room temps for 3 weeks. If no germination move to the fridge for 25 days, then move to 65F. Very helpful to keep the pots or tray in a plastic bag during the above regime.

100 seeds