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Euphorbia myrsinites


Donkey Tails (ew-FOR-bee-a: mur-sin-EE-teez)

One of those bizarre looking plants with blue-gray succulent leaves that spread out from a central crown, the stems are somewhat to completely lax and upturned at the ends (decumbent). Euphorbia myrsinites has yellow flowers at the tops of the stems, blooming in May. Plants reach 12 inches (12 in = 30.5 cm) or so in height and 15 inches (15 in = 38.1 cm) or so wide. Wen think the plants Look the best when trailing over a wall. A winner for those that like the attractively weird look.

Zones (4) 5-8

Surface sow seeds, light needed for best germination, 70F (70 F = 21.1 C): 6-15 days. what ever seeds do not germinate move to between 36 to 47F. Can not be sent to: CO.

25 seeds