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Eriogonum umbellatum

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Sulfur Flower

This very variable species is one of the lowest growing buckwheats, Only growing about 3 inches tall but spreading out to 3-foot clumps over a few years. Plants with showy yellow flowers and silver-gray colored foliage. The flowers have reddish-orange buds that open to a brilliant yellow color. After flowering the flowers dry to different shades of oranges and reds. Its small leaves form dense wide mats and are tinted reddish in the fall. A Long lived, flat perennial from west of the Rockies. It is a mountain species and very cold tolerant and thrives in dry locations. Grow in part shade to sun, with little or no water once the plants are established. This species needs very good drainage and should be planted in deep gravely soils mounded up above the rest of the terrain. An excellent low groundcover for small areas and rock gardens, it grows were most others plants can�t. It's very drought tolerant, so water only a little after they plants are established. A nice low growing groundcover species for higher elevations and colder parts of the U.S. They will not do well in wet or humid locations.

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